Background Verification

We have efficient workforce is the big asset for every business and if not managed and maintained well can turn out to be the big liability as well. We help the businesses to choose the right minds and strongest hands to ensure the brand reputation stays intact. With an experience of about 4 decades we conduct a complete 100 % verify involving procedures like Previous Employment, Qualification Verification, Criminal Verification, Reference Verification, Document Validation, Address Check, Behavioral check and also customize the salary package as per the unique requirements of the organisation.

Pre-Matrimonial verification

Being a pre-matrimonial verification company we give you peace of mind for the further proceeding of marriage or get ready to tie a knot. Our investigation will helps you take the right decision of marriage and saves your important life from getting into a worse married life experience. It may be possible that your potential partner has not introduced you to his/her friends. Maybe he/she is avoid it to provide his/her whereabouts. Maybe he/she hesitate to discuss the past. Possibly, you don’t know where he/she works or worry that he/she lies about his/her work designation or salary. There may be a chance of girlfriend and badly nature. On another hand, you are in a happy relationship and just want to confirm that everything is fine for you. Whatever the reason for pre-matrimonial verification we will do with proper dedication and commitment.

CCTV Camera

CCTV camera helps a huge part in today’s in every society and offices, and with cameras all around us, our everyday lives are experiencing high levels of security each hour. why maximum people don’t know, however, is that there are many variety of different types of CCTV which helps us in different situations and premises, and that selecting the proper camera for the right application really very important. Here, we activate through these types of camera and what makes them unique and more suitable for some places over others.
Blackmailing-Corporate & Personal

Blackmailing-Corporate & Personal

If someone blackmailing you with an intention to harm you for your personal or professional reputation? Or, someone threatening to reveal your company’s confidential information? Has an ex-employee of your organization or your company taken away some valuable data of the company and is now resorting to blackmailing? Blackmailing is a big crime that can be come form anyone today. You could either be blackmailed through mobile, any type of social media, or using traditional methods. No matter which way it comes, you should not tolerate it, and rather fight it out with vengeance. Further, someone can blackmail you at personal or professional level and in either case, you must take immediate and appropriate action. You should never feel scared or embarrassed to report such matters to the police. Similarly, you must seek help rather than feeling helpless, isolated and exposed by keeping things under wraps to avoid social stigma or shame.

Skip Tracing/ Missing Person`

Virtual Verification is a private verification agency with years of market years in tracking down even the most elusive individuals. We’re a leading missing person investigation agency with expertise and remarkable success rate with finding out whereabouts of missing people or individual. We have the biggest team of verification in the domain and use the most sophisticated technology, tools and gadgets to find missing people. We have access to databases not available to our competitors in the domain which helps us to find any individual and help our clients in need. We do missing people verification to find individuals in India and outside as well. Further, our experience in ski tracing is leveraged by the industry and common people of society for serving different purposes.

Corporate Investigations & Fraud Advisory

Fraud can be a caustic experience for sacrifice firms. It can resentfully touch the Brand content, competitiveness and take a major toll on employee morale. It’s a risk that requires strategic planning and we at Virtual Verification help the business to plan this risk with our 360-degree approach to protect against the impacts of fraud by working at all levels of prevention, detection, and investigation.

Asset Tracing/NPA Management

The unstable business situation along with unfair business practices poses a business risk to the greatest of the businesses and commercial institutions. We support the markets in assets and key personal tracking in an adverse event of raised bad stocks. We also help the businesses in providing admissible pieces of evidence in the court of law which are useful to negotiate with the NPA account holders.


Post matrimonial verification services in India are undertaken to either confirm or eliminate a doubt arising regarding a spouse or partner's behavior. Discreet verification conducted for the client will clear misunderstandings about a spouse suspected of having extra marital relationships.
Property Legal Verification

Property Legal Verification

If you are finding a property that is free from all sorts of legal scuffles is quite an achievement. With the momentous growth of the real estate sector, the number of disputes over land has also gone up. After many a project pause, fights over land claims have been a prime reason. Though the real estate law, which is in various stages of implementation across the county, is going to make the situation more favorable for property buyers.